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In times of a pandemic

This year has been tough on all of us. I really hope you and your loved ones have remained healthy and safe during this time. This pandemic definitely turned our lives upside down but at the same time there is much to learn in times of trouble. During the month of lockdown here in Oslo and at our tiny clinic, it gave me time to reconsider what was really important in life. Yes I suppose during such times, we are forced to reconsider our values and reorganise what really is important in life.

There seemed to be a rush to get back to normal, but given the pandemic, normal is a thing of the past ( at least for now). Looking after the weaker members of our society was our priority collectively and also that we did not overwhelm the health system.

Some of us hibernated into our homes with salty and sweet things, cocooned by the comfort blanket of food and Netflix, while others, went for long walks. With gyms closed, the local parks filled with joggers and yogis. Birdsong replaced the roar of traffic and in some way the lockdown came as a gift to many of us, especially those of us who rarely take time to slow down and listen.

There are many gifts to be had in times of hardship. I made a small list for myself. I listed everything from the roof over my head, to family, friends, the morning sun, the air even tastes different when we choose gratitude over complacency. These days we cannot be complacent. If anything the panedemic is a wake up call for all of us to live the best way we can but kindly and gently.

That was the gift of these times for me.

What were yours?

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