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Oppdatert: 26. okt. 2023

The tail end of 2022 is already upon us. Another year has flown past. Many feel that time is rushing past so fast and that they never have enough time to do the things they really wish they could be doing. Time hasn't changed in the amount of hours that make up a day. What has changed though is all the distractions that steal time from us. I think of all those apps and notifications that steal our time from us.

Our lazy side, the one i would call the Ego within us, would prefer to procrastinate, have an all or nothing attitude. The ego will say don't bother getting off the sofa and go for a walk. Or why bother having a hobby, i never have time. Most of the time stolen from us is online. We are online all the time as if we were afraid to be alone with our own thoughts. But our brains need rest and with the constant scrolling our brains never get a chance to absorb the information& contemplate its content before we scroll on to the next news feed.

So try starting your day with less scrolling. Put an app on your phone to monitor your time usage on the phone.

If you want to slow down time and have more of it you will have to be more mindful of how you use your time.

Do some meditation to give your brain a break from the internal noise and the world outside. You will see how when you close your eyes and breath deeply how a restlessness will try to break your thoughts. Just ignore the internal dialogue and breath right down into the pit of your belly. Just observe your thoughts.

In those moments, just a few minutes can feel like an hour.

More mindfulness in your everyday routine, when you use your phone, interact with others, even when you eat. Don't eat when you are working. Take the time to savour the taste and remember to chew well to aid your digestion.

One thing our brains need these days is more boredom. Don't be afraid to just do nothing. Or to just be. Apparently daydreaming is good for the brain, boosting your creativity and problem solving skills so here's to having more time to do the things you love and not allowing time to pass you by.

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