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Mindful living

Make a mental note the night before to not start your morning by checking your phone.  Don't check your mail.  Why not have a few minutes for yourself by doing some gentle breathing exercises or slow yoga?  I am a big fan of if you want to try some beginner yoga.  All you need is a bit of courage and a yoga mat is helpful but not essential.  Slow down the pace of  morning either by waking up earlier allowing you enough time to prepare breakfast and pack lunches. Eat conciously-noting the taste and the smells and the way you are feeling right at that very moment. That means you sit down to eat and focus on eating.  In Chinese medicine in remedying digestive problems, like bloating or pain, there is an emphasis on sitting down to eat and only eating.  That means not reading or discussing or arguing while eating.  It its purely the act of being present and appreciative of the food one is eating.  And make sure to drink plenty of warm water or herbal teal.  Give yourself enough time to wake up.  Its part of being kind to yourself.

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