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Nomor game yang bisa dibandingkan.Q: Why use ssh command to read ssh_config file? When using ssh to connect to a host, I often see people mention the use of an.ssh/config file that is then read by ssh to set up some parameters like IdentityFile, etc. Is there any reason why I would want to use a.ssh/config file instead of just using the command ssh hostname -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -v Can't see any difference when it comes to reading/setting the variables I've seen. A: Because it makes it easier to set config options from a config file when multiple clients are running. If you have a config file that looks like this: Host myhost HostName User myuser IdentityFile ~/.ssh/my_rsa IdentitiesOnly yes ...then just typing ssh myhost will automatically take those options from that config file and apply them. But with your ssh command, you have to type all the options every time: Host myhost HostName User myuser IdentityFile ~/.ssh/my_rsa IdentitiesOnly yes There are some options like HostName and IdentitiesOnly that you can't set via.ssh/config; those are strictly configurable via command-line arguments, in which case you have to type them every time. (Of course, if the config file didn't exist, you'd still need to type those options every time, but that's not really relevant here.) Q: Why the result of xor operation on rand() is different in two instances? I created a simple function to generate a random number as follows: int rand() { int n; do { n = rand()%1000; }while(n==0); return n; } int main() { int x, y, z; cout > x; y





Sinister 2012 Download 720p 558 goldwari

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