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Hate and health

Hate is a natural emotion but too much of it can be bad for us. In todays age, we are fed fear through the news, newsfeeds and in turn this can lead to anger and ate. Almost most anger is caused by underlying fear. So if a society is always on the brink of fear, this will ultimately feed anger which in turn feeds hate.

Hate is natural but too much of it is very bad for our health. Hate affects not just our mind, body and soul, but it also has a detrimental affect on our body's organs.

Angry people have a higher risk of heart disease. The toll it has on the body is huge; leading to high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, headaches and general poor circulation. Did you know that researchers have discovered that five-minutes of explosive anger gives us enough stress to lead to impairing our immune systems? Research has also shown that hatred changes the chemistry in the brain as it stimulates the premotor cortex which is responsible for planning and execution of motion. This prepares us to act aggressively when feeling hateful, either to defend or as an attack . This activation also triggers the autonomic nervous system, creating “fight or flight” responses, increasing cortisol and adrenalin. Both these hormones deplete the adrenals and contribute to weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and chronic illness. And so the cycle of bodily and mental disease continues. Hatred also triggers the mind to try to predict what the actions of the person being hated may do, as a way to protect you, but this leads to further anxiety, restlessness, obsessive thinking and paranoia, which also then impacts negatively in the way you engage in relationships. It’s important to note that all these reactions affect only the hater, and not the hated, breaking down your nervous – immune – and endocrine system, and your mental well-being. (

When I see angry pundits on the telly or on our streets, ripping up sacred books or ridiculing a people, I can see their red faces (blood pressure), blue red cheeks ( Liver issues) and wonder how that hate they are projecting is not only damaging and hurting the wider community, but how it is seriously doing some serious damage to them.

Cycling to work, I face many angry red faced impatient drivers. Speeding from traffic lights, giving a finger to a fellow driver, revving their engines. I start thinking of the damage they are doing to themselves. All those stresses give our body physical sensations. The shoulders hunch up, our stomachs feel tight, our mouths dry. The impact of anger and hate is huge and so often undermined.

There are steps to overcome anger and hate.

1) Acknowledge the problem. If you can say your anger is out of control, you are already on the road to recovery.

2) Find out why you are angry. Is it fear for the future? find out!

3). Get outside for a walk. If you live in the city, head for some green spaces to reconnect to the bigger picture.

4) Talk to others about your feelings

5). Let go of negative thought patterns.

6) And lastly breathe.....

It is important to learn how to deal with hate and anger so that it does not negatively affect your health and well-being. Anger comes from within but it can be eliminated instead of suppressing it or holding on to it. In fact, sometimes it is easier to just let something go than to carry on being upset. If you can learn to tackle your anger at its root and resolve your negative feelings without lashing out at yourself or others, you will already be one step further on the path to optimal health and happiness!

Given our present day, where divisive politics are everyday matter, perhaps know before you follow sheepishly a hate rhetoric that hate and anger should come with a government warning in the same way a packet of cigarettes do: because remember: hate could seriously damage your health.

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